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Oleg Pomerantsev was born on January 1, 1949 in Ghelyabinsk. His parents came to the Urals from Ribinsk. His father, Igor Pavlovich, moved there in 1947 and his mother, Olga Konstantinovna, in 1948. They were the original settlers of a town in the Chelyabinsk region that is presently named Ozersk. Oleg’s mother and sister, Lyudmila, still live there. Oleg’s father was a safety engineer and his mother was a nurse. After graduation, Oleg was enrolled to the Faculty of Architecture at Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineering University.

In 1972, after graduating from the university, Oleg was appointed as an assistant Chief Architect in Cherepovets. The same year we were married.

I, Valentina, was born in Leningrad in 1947. We met in the University where I also studied at the Faculty of Architecture. I am currently working as an architect and design residential buildings in St. Petersburg. In 1973, our daughter Anastasia was born.

In 1975, we moved back to Leningrad and Oleg worked as an architect in various architectural organizations and private architectural studios. His line of work included design of nuclear stations, residntial buildings and other constructions.

Anastasia graduated with honors from the Department of Piano of the Musical College named after Voskov in St. Petersburg. She has been living and working in New York, USA since 1993. Anastasia inherited her artistic gift from her father and dedicates her leisure to the digital painting. Her works were on display at the web galleries and had a great success. Oleg always highly appreciated his daughter’s works and was proud of her accomplishments.

Oleg fell in love with painting during his childhood, with the help and guidance of his art teacher Vladimir Yefimovich Puzanov. Over the years, Oleg’s passion has turned into his vocation. In his leisure time, Oleg studied and perfected his watercolor techniques. He preffered landscapes painted in the realist style. All his works are created from his imagination or impressions from his long walks in the forest or fishing trips, which were Oleg’s most favorite leisurely activities. Such walks have become an origin for many new compositions and Oleg painted the viewed sceneries at home from memory. He loved nature very much and felt connected to the essence of its beauty.

Oleg created over 500 watercolors. Most works are in the private collections and galleries in many countries of the world. He also participated in the exhibitions in Germany, jointly with other artists from St. Petersburg. In 1997, Oleg together with a painter Sergey Usik was quite a success at the exhibition in Finland. In 2003, four painters Vladimir Kolbasov, Sergei Makarov, Petr Semenov and Oleg Pomerantsev jointly displayed their works at a memorable exhibition “Watercolor Class” at the Artists’ Union and different painters wonderfully complemented each other. The display had a tremendous success.

Oleg participated in group and solo art shows in Russia as well as abroad. He was a mamber of the Architects’ Union of the USSR, Artists’ Union of Russia and Watercolorists’ Community of St. Petersburg.

Oleg Pomerantsev died on August 7, 2012. •

Valentina Pomerantseva passed away on March 29th, 2015

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