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Hi, Dear Oleg!

Something has changed in our lives after you decided the Earth is too small for you and you left us for some other vast realms.

They say no one is irreplaceable, but there are exceptions. We miss you very much. We miss your jokes. Your jokes were maybe naïve and childlike, and at times out of context, yet they were so funny and unexpected it left us in tears and often turned into our own private catch phrases.

Ah, your stories about fishing and mushroom hunting! We were always wondering how you were able to walk all alone in the forest, from dawn to dusk, without getting lost, always managing to find mushrooms, always catching fish.

You know, we believe that only a person with a sensitive and refined soul could create such masterpieces which we do miss so much. We remember our gatherings at your home. At first we would enjoy a lavish dinner and then you would set up a private showing of your paintings, accompanied by engrossing conversations and discussions…we never wanted to leave!

Remarkably, you were able to make friends not just with people your own age, but with younger generations as well. Our son, Aleksei, was your true friend. For the past few years, the two of you spent almost every weekend together, either fishing or in the forest.

It was you who introduced him to the wonders of nature and the beauty of art. Thank you for that!

Thank you for being with us – wait, what I wanted to say is that you still are, with us, in your creations.

We also want to tell you that you were fortunate to have Valentina as your wife. She is doing everything she can to keep your memory alive. And we will never forget you. •

Your close friends,


© 2015 Pomerantseva-Motola, All rights reserved.

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