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The most important thing about a person is his inner world. It radiates through his appearance, behavior and manner of speech.

When we were young we didn’t give this any thought, but Oleg was different from us, in his self sufficiency and matured originality. For us, the city dwellers, the disparity between us sometimes brought on tender emotions and, at times, pity for the unadjusted Oleg. There were many of us, we all tried to fit in and conform to the mold. Oleg never did, he stayed true to himself. Sarcastic jokes directed at him did not faze him, he smiled (outwardly) and moved on, charming his opponents.

Onward with a few words about painting – this surreptitious passion. I, myself, am only able to do what I can do, in addition to what I have learned. What they taught me I still cannot unlearn to this day. Oleg was able to hold on to the primal understanding of the nature in which he grew up. Not even the years of scrupulous work with architecture, nor the beauty of St.Petersburg, bewitching so many beginner artists, could overshadow his originality so closely tied into his relationship with nature, the same nature that inspired him so deeply and raised him as a being.

He pays the homage to it in his creations. He bequeathed to us the beauty of nature itself, its hidden places, the streams and creeks, passages and bridges. Is there a person who has not been there? It is near and dear to all. He did not seek out that special place just for himself. He wanted to be there with everyone. And we will stay there with you, Oleg.

© 2015 Pomerantseva-Motola, All rights reserved.

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