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This elegant art album is a journey to the world of airy watercolors by Oleg Pomerantsev.

It contains over 150 high quality reproductions of his work, encompassing almost all of his finest creations and masterpieces.


While the book demonstrates the amazing ablilties and techniques of Oleg's unique painting style, it is also dedicated to the Russian Landscape that Oleg so masterfully captured.

The poetic watercolors are accompanied by articles written by art historian, dissecting Oleg's magic.

The book includes a collection of poems in harmony with the imagery of Oleg's art, written by renown poet Nikolai Danilin. He often accompanied Oleg on his walks in nature and  many times they were inspired by the same scenery.


The biographical section gives a glimpse to Oleg's character, through words of his friends and colleagues in their letters addressed to Oleg posthumously.


His watercolors continue to speak to us through the pages of this Album, where his legacy continues to live through the hearts of those who were touched by his Art.



The book is written in both English and Russian language.

Hardcover, 175 pages, Museum Quality Print

Author Valentina Pomerantseva, published in 2014 


Product Details



Product #:                       1002105B

Author(s):                        Pomerantseva, V. P.

Language:                      Russian; English 

ISBN#:                            9785000450819 

Date of Publication      2014 

Publisher:                       Asterion

Cover Type:                   Hard cover 

Pages:                            175 


Fine Arts / Architecture / Photography



            ONLY IN RUSSIA






ONLINE PRICE                         $19.60 (1,000 рублей)

BOOK STORE PRICE  (Дом Книги)       $35 ( 1,700 рублей )

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